Life at Flywheel
January 9, 2015 by Bridget McQuillan

Faces of Flywheel: Meet T-Rave

Faces of Flywheel is an ongoing series that focuses on the members of the Flywheel team.


Meet T-Rave. Yes, that’s his name, and no, he won’t tell you what his “real” name is. T-Rave is one of Flywheel’s happiness engineers. You can usually find him answering questions on chat support or talking to our customers on the phone. He’s Flywheel’s only red-headed (and red-bearded) employee!

Twitter handle: T_Rave
Drink of choice: A good IPA
Guilty pleasure: Random buys off of Amazon
Favorite place in the world: Hawaii
Video everyone should watch: Selfishly, my video of a Chihuahua in snow boots
Current favorite song: Awake – Tycho