Life at Flywheel
June 19, 2015 by Bridget McQuillan

Meet Flywheel’s summer interns!



Meet our software engineering intern, Kat


Hey there! My name is Kat Slump and I am Flywheel’s software engineering intern! Over the summer, I have the honor of working with the product development team, the support team, and the design team, as I create an internal web application that will enable Flywheel’s happiness engineers to do their job better.

I am currently attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha in pursuit of a Bachelors Degree in IT Innovation. Though majoring in a highly technical field, I also have interests in the areas of design and entrepreneurship (oh, and cats).

Twitter handle: @KatSlump

Thing you’re most excited to do at Flywheel this summer:
Everything. All of it. But, if you want specifics, I am really excited that the project I am working on will make a huge impact on the performance of the happiness engineers at Flywheel. Our happiness engineers are a huge part of Flywheel’s success, therefore, being able to make their jobs a little easier makes me pretty excited!

Website you check every day:, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail (basically all social channels)

Favorite place in the whole world: One of my favorite places in the whole wide world is the Lake of the Ozarks. My family has visited almost every summer since I was born. Better believe I have my boating license!

One thing you can’t live without: My phone because I’m your stereotypical millennial 🙂

Current favorite song: Bright by Echosmith

A random blurb about myself…

My favorite quote is “be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.” I’m OBSESSED with the color gold. I work at an office with millions of dogs, yet I still love cats. I had a near-death experience when I was 15. I’ve had like the most random surgeries EVER. I knocked over my brother’s ant farm when I was 9 (the event may or may not have occurred in the kitchen). My real name is Katherine. I’m pretty fearless, except when it comes to scary movies. Ambitious people are my kind of people.

Last thing I’ll say…
<fact> Flywheel is indeed, “fly” </fact>

Meet our marketing intern, Dawaune

dawaune-3 copy

Jambo. My name is Dawaune Hayes and I am Flywheel’s 2015 marketing intern. I am currently the curator of Flywheel’s Creative Toolbox in addition to making sure our Instagram and Pinterest accounts are “on fleek,” as the kids are saying these days.

I’m from Omaha and will be a journalism and public relations senior at Creighton University this fall. I am an ENFP with a theatre background, but I like being creative in any way possible. Doodling takes up most of my spare time when I’m not making Spotify playlists, attempting to learn code, or dancing around my house in my favorite thrift shop mumu.

This summer at Flywheel I’ll be working on expanding my content marketing knowledge and design skills, developing sweet social media strategies, and enjoying the talented people who make Flywheel awesome.

Twitter handle: @duhvinicus

Thing you’re most excited to do at Flywheel this summer: I’m excited to work on some super cool campaigns and help make them look as “fly” as possible while also learning anything and everything I can from the coolest people on da block.

Song to describe your life: Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch

Website(s) you check every day: The Verge, Engadget, and Pigeons & Planes

Favorite place in the whole world: I haven’t seen much of the world yet but, I absolutely love the state of Colorado. Every time I’m there it makes me tremble with happiness and awe. What is better than mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, and beautiful people?

One thing you can’t live without: Plain white paper and a good black pen. Oh, and FOOD.

Life Blood: Black coffee & Taylor Swift

If you could be any kitchen utensil, what would it be: A colander, they take the best out of everything. 😉

Five songs you can’t stop listening to right now:

Where Are Ü Now by Jack Ü
Activate Me by Astr (LEFTI Remix)
Chandelier by Twisted Measure
Together (ft. Newtimers) by Cazzette
Black Magic by Little Mix